Please refer to Size Chart in each product page when you consider sizes.

Please do not just refer to waist measurements, as waist is measured differently depending on rise measurement (eg. low rise or hight rise, etc). Also, checking sizes for every purchase is strongly recommended, since each series has slightly different sizing from others.

Size chart measurements are as below:

①Waist: Measurement around the waist part of actual product

②Hip: Measurement around the most wide hip part of actual product

③Thigh Width: Straight line measurement of femoral joint part of actual product

④Knee Width: Straight line measurement of 30cm (about 1ft) below thigh width part of actual product

⑤Hem Width: Stright line measurement of hem part of actual product

⑥Font Rise: Straight line measurement from thigh width part to waist part of actual product

⑦Inseam: Measurement along stitch line from thigh width part (or crotch stitch part) to hem width part of actual product


Each product has its own individual differences due to the processing (washes, damages, etc) applied after its sewing procedure. Please acknowledge that the measurements of size charts are the average of each style.